Roof Washing

What are those black streaks and where do they come from?

Roof Cleaning - Before and After
Limestone is a favorite food for “cyano bacteria gloeocapsa magma”, or what most people call ‘those ugly black streaks on my roof’.  Limestone is used as an inexpensive void filler between individual fiberglass mats and also provides resistance to fire and weather.

The Eastern Shore, especially near the Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City area, is a humid, moisture rich area. Couple that with months of hot weather and you get the trifecta (moisture, heat, nutrient) of algae/fungus growth.

Is this a bad thing?

Yes! And here’s why:

As the algae and fungus grow on your roof, they eat away the base of the shingle and expand and contract with the outside temperature.  This growth and movement loosens the granules, creating premature granule loss, dramatically shortening the life of your roof.

What are your options?

  1. Replacing your roof is the fastest way to eliminate the roof algae, but its also the most expensive!
  2. Roof Cleaning has become a necessity in many parts of the country, and saves thousands of dollars, and wasted landfill space.

Do we use pressure washing to clean your roof?

No. That actually could do as much damage to your shingles as GCM. We use a low pressure chemical applicator. We let the chemical do its job, not a high pressure blaster!

Roof Cleaning should be part of your annual maintenance plan.

Why? Because roof algae stains are a reality of home ownership and clean roofs also protect property values. Maintaining a clean property helps pinpoint potential issues quickly saving time and money in the long run. Shingles are designed to reflect heat away from your property saving you precious money on your cooling bill. Your shingles lose this ability when covered in moldy streaks.

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What Our Clients Say

My roof looks great! Are you taking any new customers for cleaning roofs? A couple of my neighbors were asking.

Kevin HSalisbury, MD

Just had our windows cleaned, inside and out.  We have had Cliff doing them since 2001.  He does a great job every time and reasonable.  We get the windows done quarterly.  He also does roof cleaning (no power washer), solar panel cleaning.

Andy HSussex County, DE